What qualifies as a short form project?
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We prefer to work with content that has a duration anywhere from 15 seconds to around 5 minutes, but we'll consider longer projects depending on the scope of work.

Our short form content is ideal for digital spaces such as in-store screens, digital billboards, venue displays, video pre-rolls, websites, or any platform featuring a digital display.

What are your typical turnaround times?
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Turnaround times vary on a case-by-case basis, typically with a minimum timeframe of 2 weeks required.

It's important to understand that more complex or larger scale projects will require longer timeframes. Although rest assured, we take deadlines seriously and are committed to delivering our best.

How much do your services cost?
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The pricing of our services is determined by various factors, including the type of service required, resources needed, time constraints, the number of deliverables, etc.

For an estimate tailored to your project, we encourage you to reach out to us, and we will promptly respond with the information you need.

Will I be able to review my video and request changes?
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During each stage of the project, you'll have an opportunity to request revisions. Before finalizing your project, we'll send you a protected copy of the video to review and let us know of any changes necessary. Once finalized, one of our technicians will perform a quality check and provide you with a free Quality Assurance (QA) report.

How will I receive my deliverables?
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You will be able to securely access your digital files via email link.

Please note that we archive all our client projects after 4 months, so ensure that all content is downloaded and saved beforehand.

Do my photos include retouching?
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Yes! All final images include standard professional retouching to balance skin tone, color, density, and eliminate blemishes. Some packages may also include advanced retouching. Otherwise, advanced or specific retouching can be requested at an additional fee. Examples of advanced retouching options we offer:

• Image compositing  • Background removal/change  • Face and body modifications  • Object removal

Will I get the raw images with my photoshoot session?
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Raw files will not be provided as they are unedited, unfinished products that do not represent our brand and do not reflect our final quality of work.

What happens if the campaign I wanted to apply for is full?
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While we want to support each and every applicant, our campaigns have a limited number of spots each month. As a result we operate on a first come, first served basis.

But not to worry, you can still get your offer! We'll save you a spot on our waiting list and contact you once an opening becomes available.