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At AVI, it's not just about delivering exceptional results; it's about creating an enjoyable experience for each person. Collaboration is at the heart of our approach, so you'll actively be involved throughout the process. While we make sure to take thoughtful and meticulous steps, we also take great value in making the creative process fun.  As passionate creatives, we continuously draw inspiration from the world around us and the people that surround us. As part of our team, we'll encourage you to to embrace a spirit of exploration, opening yourself up to new possibilities and embracing the joy of experimentation.

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The power of video is undeniable. With our team's expertise, we deliver solutions tailored for your short form projects

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Audio Visuals

We love working with artists to craft captivating visuals that complement their unique sound. Our team goes beyond traditional music videos by carefully considering all visual elements that enhance your music. We specialize in creating a wide range of music visuals, including music videos, trailers, album teaser films, B-track visualizers, Spotify Canvas loops, performance/event highlight reels and much more.

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Motion Ads

With thoughtful planning and understanding of your product and brand, we're able to create advertisements tailored for web, streaming and social spots utilizing cinematography, 3D modeling and animation, and motion graphics.

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Success for Student Entrepreneurs

We're offering up to 20% off our services to help empower student entrepreneurs.

Who's eligible?

✓ You're currently a student in a secondary or post-secondary institution
✓ You have a start-up business located in Canada
✓ You are 16 - 25 years old

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Partnering With Non-Profits

We believe in giving back to our community to help make the future a better place.
Depending on the cause and the nature of the project, we can provide:

• Discounted services of up to 30%
• Extra add-ons at a discounted rate or complimentary

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Our expertise lies in capturing portraits, brand imagery and product shots. We specifically focus on providing photography services for businesses and individual creatives.

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Promo Visuals

In conjunction with our photography content, we also use 3D modelling and graphic design to create effective digital promotional materials.

We make images that captures and communicates it all in just a single frame.

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